Distant Worlds Contest

Distant Worlds Contest

Ever since our ancestors descended from the trees, we’ve looked up at the night sky, and wondered... Now, using powerful telescopes, we’ve finally proved that within our galaxy, lie innumerable worlds of endless variety. But what do they look like? Do they have life? Creatures? Civilizations? Or something else? Be a visual futurist: join the likes of Syd Mead, Chris Foss and Moebius by exploring humanity’s next frontier through the timeless art of picture-making. Create an epic illustration of a distant world and be a visionary - inspiring mankind’s journey to the stars. Godspeed!


Prizes include but not limited to:

- 1 CGMA 8 week Master Class of your choice
- Wacom Intuous Pro Medium tablet

- Win a ticket to the Syn Studio's Gathering of Masters 2016 + attend an exclusive dinner with the artists!

1st place winner will get their choice of prize package! More details on the Prizes/Winners page

Key Dates

Start DateFeb. 15
End DateApr. 17
Winner AnnouncementApr. 25
Prizes AwardedMay. 2