Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if the Germans and the Axis powers had won World War II? If China had kept their massive fleet or if Alexander the Great had gone West instead of East? Historians and writers from as early as the 4th century BC have explored and written about such alternate histories and many eminent scientists over the last several decades have been staunch proponents of the multiverse theory. We exist in of one of the many possible worlds and this is your chance to dream up a parallel universe and render it into reality! Superheroes can exist, dinosaurs can come to life, alien races can co-exist with humans and history, as we know it, can be altered in several ways! Give full freedom to your imagination to create an epic illustration of your version of an alternate history or a parallel universe. Let’s see what we are missing out on!
Alan Herrera Little fox Title: Little fox
Grace Cheung Zebroid Guard Title: Zebroid Guard
Zachary James Tullsen Directions Title: Directions
Eliu Crespo Traveling for loot Title: Traveling for loot
Allan Martin Post Millenial Earthquake Montreal Title: Post Millenial Earthquake Montreal
Santiago Fuentes Carrillo Internet or blood Title: Internet or blood
Zheng JunSheng The Rebel Title: The Rebel
Taylor Keith Metal Gun Boy Title: Metal Gun Boy
Paul Rebar Montreal, Kanada Title: Montreal, Kanada
Brandon Bridges Sleepy Boy Title: Sleepy Boy
Alexander Ivatin Nuclear NY Title: Nuclear NY
Samuel Couture Uluru, The Sacred City. Title: Uluru, The Sacred City.
Federica Casagrande Empire of Carthage Title: Empire of Carthage
Eliott Beaudon Cortés Title: Cortés
Lucas Russo Masters of Automation Title: Masters of Automation
Edit Ballai New York Title: New York
Yinfaowei Harrison Kanem Bornu Empire Title: Kanem Bornu Empire
Shafayat nabi tamal Shore of the Unknown Title: Shore of the Unknown
Nico hohn Perselia and  the Festival of the Stars. Title: Perselia and the Festival of the Stars.
Valera A farm Title: A farm
Miguel Membreño The Calli (updated) Title: The Calli (updated)
Jarrard Lee Underground Osaka Title: Underground Osaka
Kate Price The Hunting Trip Title: The Hunting Trip
Hector Betancur Grajales Mass Extinction Event Title: Mass Extinction Event
Su-hyun Bang Abandoned room (post-apocalypse) Title: Abandoned room (post-apocalypse)
Atha KANAANI Khan you go away ?!!! Title: Khan you go away ?!!!
Casondra Logan The Wanderers Title: The Wanderers
Darius Cheong Chau Hong How does it feel like to be Human? Title: How does it feel like to be Human?
Fernanders Koak Chan Sam The Axis Power Title: The Axis Power
Jose Elias Villagomez Uribe Berlin Title: Berlin
Elena Vegas Merciful Star Title: Merciful Star
Omar Gilani Palace Guard Title: Palace Guard
ZHEN NING LIM A New World Title: A New World
Nick Jizba Nomonhan Incident Title: Nomonhan Incident
riccardo massironi The Celestial Sphere Title: The Celestial Sphere
camilo sanin steam-dino world Title: steam-dino world
Arturo Gutiérrez The Gods of Old Title: The Gods of Old
Marc Denault Giant Anteater Title: Giant Anteater
Seth Rutledge The Incans discover the New World. Title: The Incans discover the New World.
Miguel Membreño Calli Title: Calli
Monica Brito T-minus Title: T-minus