The “Alternate Histories and Parallel Universes” competition challenges you to provide your perspective on how our lives would be if significant events in history had been altered or not happened at all! Show us your version of an altered history in a single, epic illustration that is both fantastic yet believable, original yet relate-able and which demonstrates high levels of artistic skill and storytelling ability. The illustration must include an environment and may also include technology, creatures, characters and architectural elements. It also needs to tell a story involving this world. Your illustration will be judged on it's originality, design, rendering and its narrative quality. A rich and well thought-out concept, a compelling composition, lighting and use of colour are critical for the success of your illustration.

  1. The submission must be created as original art for the purpose of the contest. This means that any art that was created before the starting date of the contest will be disqualified from participating and removed from submissions.
  2. The submission has to be 2D original concept artwork. It can be created using traditional or digital medium (digital preferable).
  3. File should be in JPEG format, 800x1200 pixels and 72 DPI.
  4. Each submission should include the title of work, description of piece, size, medium, and completion date.
  5. Every participant should register first in order to be able to submit his/her artwork.
  6. Only one submission per artist is allowed.
  7. Images depicting offensive content (i.e. racial, political, religious or anything deemed offensive) will be automatically disqualified based on the sole discretion of CGMA and Syn Studio.
  8. No entries will be accepted past the official posted deadline. If it’s not in on time it will automatically be disqualified. No exceptions.
  9. CGMA and Syn Studio decisions on the winners are final and cannot be disputed.
  10. CGMA and Syn Studio do not require any payment for entry of images nor do CGMA and Syn Studio offer any form of payment- actual or implied -to any entrants for submission and participation.
  11. CGMA and Syn Studio reserve the rights to suspend, shorten, modify or cancel the challenge, including these rules, in any manner at its sole discretion with or without prior notice.


  1. Prizes for this contest are packages that winners will choose depending on their ranking. The first place winner will have first choice of which package he/she wants, then the second place winner will choose which package he/she wants among the two remaining packages. The third place winner will receive the remaining package.
  2. Neither CGMA, Syn Studio - nor its sponsors -are responsible for paying any taxes or tariffs on awarded prizes.


  1. As a participant you are claiming the sole rights to the art that you are submitting.
  2. The contestants grant CGMA and Syn Studio the rights to use their submitted artwork in any media (i.e. sales, magazine, and websites) for promotional use etc.
  3. If a participant wants to use their contest art in any print and or online media- for self-exposure of any kind -they must mention that it was completed for the CGMA and Syn Studio contest.